Companion Pet Cremations include dogs, cats, other small animals.

Our services include:

  • A careful chain of custody to ensure that the cremains you receive are those of your pet.
  • Both private and communal (no ash return) cremation service is offered.
  • Quick cremation and return of cremains. We generally return the cremains within 2 business days.
  • A complimentary urn is included with each private cremation. A full line of custom urns is
    offered with delivery in 3-5 business days.

Optional Services:
Home removal service is available, either same day or next day.
You are welcome to bring your animal to our facility. We will unload and place in our cremation unit. (By Appointment)

0 – 24 pounds
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25 – 49 pounds
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50 – 99 pounds
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100 – 199 pounds
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200 + pounds
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  • Individual cremations include a complimentary urn, lock of hair, keepsake paw print, and a Certificate of Cremation.
  • Special Order Urns are available, usually delivered within 1 week after receipt of order.
    (See Our Products)
  • Ashes from individual and private cremations are typically available for pickup 2 days
    following delivery.
  • Payment by cash or credit card is due prior to cremation.
  •  Beyond 25 miles is $1.00 per mile round-trip.
All small animals (companion pets)
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  • Witnessed Cremation available for an additional charge.
  • Payment by cash or credit card is due prior to cremation.